Thursday, January 27, 2011

Illustrator tutorial: make a greeting card 2011

Well I'll show you an easy way to make a greeting card Illustrator. In summary as a tool that I used to do.
  • Type Tool (T)
  • Rounded Rectangle Tool
  • Rectangle Tool (M)
  • Symbol Sprayer Tool (Shift + S)
  • Symbol and Effect Tool
See above, I try to make it clear to you and then you can try is easy to do for you.

Let's start a new style. Rectangle tool (M) to make a square object and gradient as shown below:

and used to make a long article in this two years ago before receiving, for example the image below. Make sure that the style of shade is lined up.

Start type tool (T) and type the number 2 is normal font Bauhaus 93. Not sure if your computer has this font, but most of all. If you do not, you can use your own character with the same instructions.

Once you the number ready go to ==> Effect ==> 3D ==> Extrude & Bevel..

Set up by the image option here 10 - 15 - -8 Perspective: 100 and then OK

Go to Object menu ==> Expand Appearance then finally you have a 3D number 2. Try to un-group it and then you will able to color it by part.
Over here I used the swatches color to help me on the foreground color and style.
Well on my side I only used Type Tool one time on the number 2 the rest I used Rounded Rectangle Tool to help it. Let's look to number 0 and number 1. After I used the Rounded Rectangle Tool I gave the same option of the above and color. Then make a shadow to all numbers.

Make stars by using the Symbol Sprayer Tool. Firstly find a star symbol on the symbol tab. Select on it and select Symbol Sprayer Tool to spray. Below image is what we got after sprayed.

Type Tool once again. As mentioned do it the same option on the 2011 style. Just type HAPPY NEW YEAR. Here the final result.

After done following my step you will get a 2011 greeting card. And you have any question on this please comment below.
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