Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How to put acclimate forecasting on the blog

How about putting a gadget with the weather forecast on your Blogger blog gadget? A gadget that I found really cool was the site Climatempo. Follow this link and choose one of available models: add a prediction of time of up to 5 cities, weather from the capitals, waves or regions of Brazil.

Select a skin (like a background) and click here. Fill in the blank fields and click view source. Copy and paste the code in the gadget HTML / javascript on your blog (design> page elements)


Sunday, December 19, 2010

New! YouTube Videos In Posts!

It was announced today on Blogger in draft, you can now add YouTube videos in posts using the toolbar to the post editor for Blogger, which simplifies the whole process . The new feature, currently only available via the dashboard Blogger in Draft.

To add a YouTube video in the posts, you must go to "setting > basic > select Updated editor (Recommended) and click save, after that go to posting and click the "insert a video. "

Opens a window with three options: upload, YouTube and my YouTube videos

By submitting, you can send the video, but not YouTube. YouTube can make your search, select the video and put them in the mail and my videos on YouTube, we can choose the video we have ever published there.


Choose the video that will be placed inside the post and click "select"

The video will be automatically entered in the post. Then, preview and publish.

Also, on YouTube there is now a button to post videos to Blogger. Simply click "share" and then "Blogger". Opens a new window BlogThis! Write your post normally and click "publish post. "

Important! So much for posting the videos from your YouTube channel by Blogger dashboard, via BlogThis on YouTube, you need to be logged.

To use the new features, please visit the Blogger In Draft panel by clicking here.


How to create a successful blog

Weird title? Yes, I've never done a post like this, I am not ready to discuss a subject as subjective.

Offer to show us the path to success is the entrepreneur and ProBlogger Portuguese Paulo Faustino, author of School Money Blogging, WordPress School, the School of Creativity and Blogs Gallery.

The Paul Faustino launches free ebook, entitled From unknown to Problogger. Lives solely on revenue from their blogs and have the experience and credibility to learn to have a successful and profitable blog.

livroprobloggerposts book "How To Blog: From Problogger unknown" is a free book for the whole community of Portuguese-language bloggers are interested in maximizing the potential of your blog. Besides explaining step by step how to create a successful blog is the purpose of this book to help you in all phases of creating your blog to the staging of quality content to it.

I like working with Paul and me questions, I'm sure all future interest probloggers and takes seriously his blog.

What do you consider a blog successful?

A successful blog is a project that I believe can be activated simultaneously affects thousands of people. I do not have a lot of gauges, but it is true that a successful blog is usually the design of a large audience of thousands paulofaustinoassinantes, and, above all, cost effective and allows the writer to live up to her. Although not a mandatory requirement of a successful blog, making money is also an important part. high interaction between the reader and the author (s) have the same success.

What Is Quality Content?

Quality work for me is something that helps readers solve a problem. Do not just write to write. It is necessary to teach, to help users solve problems, improve their designs or simply achieve their goals. The theoretical basis is very important in a blog, but you should always be accompanied by concrete examples that help the user to use the tools, strategies, tips, etc. As a way to duplicate what the author has taught. If you write and teach something to their readers the opportunity to return to your blog increase dramatically. That's why blogs are so famous and tutorials are so successful. Solve problems.

Can You Live Off Income From Their Blog?

Since 2009, lives only in my blogs and my main source of income is the money from the school, then school Wordpress. Two main links which I have spent more than 60% of my day. I have other projects in other areas, particularly in niche markets, also achieved excellent results in terms of monetization, complemented well my recipes on the Internet. However, I focus primarily on producing new content for schools and improving our network of projects that also, more recently, the psychology of school education and creativity.

When You Think That The Blog Turned Into A Business And Not Just A Hobby?

Almost always tell my readers to view their blogs as a business from one day. Speaking to a blog in an objective and professional and more structured planning, the chances of success are greater. But when we started our blog, we could not imagine where we come so quickly. In 2009 we began to structure modifications, and in 2010 we changed our name, layout and started to work more professionally and in the future. I think this transition typically occurs when you start to feel that influences, motivates and helps thousands of people every day that the pressure on their content is higher and the requirement of your blog to the next level. Once your blog starts to become more demanding and obtaining more money, it is natural that its approach to become more professional and start planning your progress toward a better future and less amateur and / or leisure.

As you can see, Paul Faustino understand. I started reading the ebook and I appreciate how he approaches issues. His language is simple, informative and motivating. What are you waiting for?


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Create a Christmas tree in Adobe Photoshop

This year will end very soon. It is the reason I decided to share this tutorial. To create this mast Christchurch Tree I mainly use Brush Tool, the Pen tool and custom Sharp tool to edit photo. Linked to this is perhaps not creative enough, I need your ideas to improve or edit my creativity and once you've read and you can try to show me what you think.

Go ahead with

Step 1:

Open Adobe Photoshop ( stock photos :) ) and make a new document format 10cm x 10cm accuracy of 72 pixels. Make a new background color is the gradient style from below

Step 2:
Using the Pen tool (U) and start to draw a Christmas tree and color again.

Step 3:
Using the Brush tool to paint the principle that is associated with Christmas Theme and set the following options.

Step 4: Make sure you create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) and the first floor before you start with a white brush.

You can adjust the size of stars and black to hide the tree and press U to add a big star over the trees in white too. Here it is.

Step 5:
Using the tool Sharp (U). Watch the cycle follows the object and white tie your star is white.

Step 6 :
Well for starters this layer mask please go to the layers palette are no shortcuts below and see picture below, you will understand

When you want to say that you have a way to make the layer mask to make sure that you are what you want to make the layer mask. Set your foreground and white background and black. Press G (Gradient) and see the option of shade just to follow what I did

Then go to your tree and start the mask that you see in the image below for your results.

Step 7:
Using the Pen tool (P) to draw a new tree. Like what you become real star tree.

Step 8:
Look back to use the Custom Sharp Tool (U) and look for a Christmas snow path.

Enter the white snow, and only 40% opacity. And here the final result.

I hope you're comfortable with it and enjoy your design. Change the background or the style you want or send me a comment if you have any doubts.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

The system restarts automatically - why your system keeps rebooting and how to fix

When the system automatically restarts, you can not do anything productive on your computer. Automatic system restart is really an annoying problem that occurs mostly when the system is corrupt and can not hide the mistakes of Windows.

Unfortunately, not all errors are related viruses, and then running a virus scan is not always helpful. To resolve this problem, you may need a different approach.

There are a number of reasons why a system restarts automatically. The reasons are corrupt system files, registry errors, serious errors, such as Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), defective RAM, installing the drivers are not compatible, and infection.

I would propose the following steps to resolve this problem:

1. Disable Automatic System Reboot
2. Run System File Checker
3. Run Registry Scan and Fix the Errors Found
4. Replace Computer Memory
5. Remove Unsupported Driver

Disable automatic restart

By default, Microsoft Windows is configured to automatically restart after a major system error in the BSOD. Unrecoverable error occurs when the system restarts automatically to prevent damage and documents.

If your system automatically restarts, and you want to solve this problem, then you need to know the error code displayed on the BSOD, if any. Also disable the following:

1. Right click My Computer.
2. Select Properties.
3. Click Advanced System Settings link at the left hand side.
4. Click Settings button under Advanced tab and Startup and Recovery frame.
5. Uncheck the box named Automatically Restart, and click OK | OK |Close.

Run the System File Checker

The System File Checker (SFC) tool is already installed in Microsoft Windows operating system. This tool scans the system files for unauthorized modifications and corruptions and it replaces such type of files.

1. Insert Microsoft Windows Operating System Installation DVD ROM.
2. Click Start | Run.
3. Type SFC /ScanNow, and press ENTER.
4. Follow the instructions on your screen.

Run Registry Scan and fix errors found

Windows Registry is a database with large amounts of stored information. The information is not limited to user settings, but also installs the operating system, software applications and hardware. Unauthorized changes to the registry often lead to fatal errors, so the system automatically restarts. Software must use a registry cleaning and fixing problems recommending a solution suggested by the experts.

Replace the memory modules

It is found that the system restarts automatically when the RAM is not installed correctly. In other words, often a faulty RAM causes this problem. The solution is to replace these faulty RAM. If you have more RAM installed, and then testing them one by one separately. It will know what the RAM does not work correctly.

Remove the driver is not supported

Device drivers are installed, is designed for the operating system currently in use. The system restarts automatically if the device driver is not working properly or not supported by the operating system. You should remove these device drivers.

1. Click Start button on the Taskbar.
2. Type Device Manager in the Search box, and press ENTER.
3. Expand all the device categories and make sure that no device driver is marked with exclamation mark (X). If you found a device driver with exclamation mark, then right click it, and select Uninstall option.

Virus Infection

If the system restarts automatically when Windows starts, then step, a virus may be the culprit. Viruses are entering the implementation of the startup list so that the system automatically restarts once the virus file is executed. You can not use a good antivirus program and permanently delete infected objects. Otherwise, using a spare drive will be a good option. rescue disk to disinfect your computer without booting the operating system.


A registry cleaning software is needed to solve registry problems and other hidden problems in Windows. I highly recommend using a good software, known and recognized worldwide for this task. Under the compromise with your registry can cause trouble for the future.


How to recover data from hard disk

Here some education about the data recovery. I would like to share to you some tips that useful with your losing information in your hard disk.

If you have been using computers for a while, you must have heard that the data that is stored in your hard disk is not necessarily safe.

Those of you who think this is not so will have to face reality and be aware that this is true. This can be attributed to the fact that hard drives are not as robust as other methods of storage such as CDs and DVDs.

Hard drives are mechanical devices and make them active are more likely to fall relative to other non-mechanical devices.

When the hard drive fails, it is possible that the data has been lost. This raises the question of how to retrieve data from your hard drive.

Another factor that may contribute to loss of data is a user who uses this computer. This can be done to erase data from hard drive failure or loss of information through the use of malicious software.

There are several ways to recover data on your hard drive. Sometimes you will find that your computer is not responding or is not behaving as it should.

At other times, it is possible that the computer was used by someone other than yourself and may have removed this particular file. If you are using Windows XP, you may be able to recover data from hard disk very easily.

All you have to do is go to the Start button and click it. Once the options appear, go to All Programs, click Accessories. The options that appear after the accessories, click System Tools.

You can see the options, such as disk defragmentation, backup, and information system, etc. Click on the button, which is called System Restore.

On the pop up window that appears, click on restore my computer to an earlier time then click next.

After clicking next, the window that appears is a calendar that you can choose a date to restore your computer. Be sure to select a right around the date you last saw the file.

Once confirmed, you will be able to restore the computer at this time.

The file will be in office when the computer finishes rebooting. That's how you retrieve data from disk.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Online school gives student soldiers

The online Western Governors University has developed a new form of financial assistance to help soldiers seeking higher education degrees. Scholarships totaling $ 1,500 are available through UAA reservists and National Guard members activated. The school offers two undergraduate and graduate degrees in areas such as information, education, health and business. The convenience of an online school can actually allow military personnel on active duty to work toward a degree because the job can be completed anytime and anywhere where Internet access is available.

Tuition for most programs UAA falls below $ 5,800 per year. National Guard reservist and scholarship recipients can earn $ 300 on average per year each for up to five terms. Although the stock market is very competitive, multiple winners will be selected to receive scholarships based on academic training, competence and willingness to initiate a program of online education. Members of the Reserve and National Guard are eligible for financial assistance.

WGU students should be able to submit documents verifying their "status as a current member of the Reserve or National Guard" from an Education Office to apply for a scholarship. They must also obtain a recommendation that militate against the value of their military contributions.

School online education can make possible for soldiers who can not attend a classic in the field because of his military status, or other commitments relating to employment or family. Online courses can be completed from anywhere with Internet access and a flexible schedule. Taking courses online has become a popular choice for military personnel looking for opportunities to advance their careers at the end of their service.

Boost revenue opportunities through online education

To succeed, you have to take a university and consider it an important part in many areas in recent days. Earn your degree is the gateway to the future success that will expand revenue potential. It also provides the necessary knowledge, skills and competitive advantage, which will better. The finishing is the representation of the level of dedication to the profession.

In this competitive job market, there is an increasing demand for trained and skilled professionals. For you to make a mark in a respective field of work, right career training is important. Career courses now are given much importance worldwide because of the increase job hiring. But many people now cannot pursue a full degree especially those who are already employed full time.

Schools and universities offer online courses for professionals and students working adults to pursue a career dream. Now you can acquire knowledge and skills to move up in your life, or even the job you are aiming for the promotion of years. Education or training in online distance education brings to your home or office. You can learn at their own pace, on your time with all the amenities you want. Online training has become popular among students and professionals working for adults as flexible scheduling and convenient study of spike.

Earning a degree can make a big difference. You can have training and skills relevant for you to be qualified in an occupation. There are university degrees online, which can be acquired for the years of study, and some can be purchased during the month. On-line education can certainly increase your purchasing power. You can improve your career prospects by obtaining a university degree accredited and recognized worldwide. It is your best opportunity for learning, especially for those who have financial problems.

Online education is mainly focused on education or training courses that are delivered via Internet. Most people who do this kind of education students are in remote areas, people with disabilities and working professionals. Students and teachers communicate through a computer network connection. The content of the study are distributed over the Internet or transferred as text, image slide shows, audio, animation or video.

There are many advantages that you can get from online education. You do not need to stop working in order to study or to be trained. You can learn on your own schedule, choice of place and at your own pace. Studying to accredited and respectable universities is on your reach without spending too much because you do not need to travel and pay for your boarding. There are wide range of online degrees to meet your needs and prices to fit your budget. You have an easy access to reading materials and you can improve your Internet skills that a potential employer should have today.