Sunday, December 12, 2010

Create a Christmas tree in Adobe Photoshop

This year will end very soon. It is the reason I decided to share this tutorial. To create this mast Christchurch Tree I mainly use Brush Tool, the Pen tool and custom Sharp tool to edit photo. Linked to this is perhaps not creative enough, I need your ideas to improve or edit my creativity and once you've read and you can try to show me what you think.

Go ahead with

Step 1:

Open Adobe Photoshop ( stock photos :) ) and make a new document format 10cm x 10cm accuracy of 72 pixels. Make a new background color is the gradient style from below

Step 2:
Using the Pen tool (U) and start to draw a Christmas tree and color again.

Step 3:
Using the Brush tool to paint the principle that is associated with Christmas Theme and set the following options.

Step 4: Make sure you create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) and the first floor before you start with a white brush.

You can adjust the size of stars and black to hide the tree and press U to add a big star over the trees in white too. Here it is.

Step 5:
Using the tool Sharp (U). Watch the cycle follows the object and white tie your star is white.

Step 6 :
Well for starters this layer mask please go to the layers palette are no shortcuts below and see picture below, you will understand

When you want to say that you have a way to make the layer mask to make sure that you are what you want to make the layer mask. Set your foreground and white background and black. Press G (Gradient) and see the option of shade just to follow what I did

Then go to your tree and start the mask that you see in the image below for your results.

Step 7:
Using the Pen tool (P) to draw a new tree. Like what you become real star tree.

Step 8:
Look back to use the Custom Sharp Tool (U) and look for a Christmas snow path.

Enter the white snow, and only 40% opacity. And here the final result.

I hope you're comfortable with it and enjoy your design. Change the background or the style you want or send me a comment if you have any doubts.

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