Tuesday, February 15, 2011

3 Powerful Programs For The Use Of Twitter

Today I do not seek perfect Twitter client application. In my relentless pursuit, which ended up testing several programs to find one that met my needs of addicts.

Therefore, I will describe the pros and cons, which I think are the 3 best applications for Twitter.

For me, a good twitter client needs beyond the basic functions of the following:

* Rt edited and native (How to post a comment with RT)

* Filters (elimination, round tables and timing tweets)

* Profile Management to monitor and prevent tracked

* Theme Options

* Customizable font

* Ability to manage multiple accounts

* Choice of whether to work with columns (at the discretion of the user)

* AutoComplete (created the user names and appear @)

* Tweets integrated search, and the profile

* The selection, as the shortened URL, photos and video

* Extract URL, images and videos

* See the reference to real-time strategy both native and modified

TweetDeck - API is by far one of the more wealthy and preferred by advanced users and users. In my opinion, your only limitation interface with only two themes, and small print, no election change.

Features Differentials Cons
Runs on Adobe Air working with columns only two subjects
Windows, Linux and Mac allows you to schedule tweets small font
Download has auto-complete feature
allows long tweets
Resources filter has

Saezuri -The Saezuri was my favorite show for a long period, because it lets me change the theme and configure the sources, who seek a greater visual comfort. On the other hand, does not work with columns, does not AutoComplete and to block or allow. It is ideal for less demanding users.

Features Differentials Cons
Runs on Adobe Air Nice interface It has block
Windows, Linux and Mac various topics It has auto-complete
Download customizable font Does not work with columns
Official Site filter has Japanese support

Janette - The program is currently in use, because it is a nice interface Saezuri, many additional features for the API.

Features Differentials Cons
No need for Adobe Air Nice interface Does not have:)
Runs only on Windows various topics
Download customizable font
Resources completion
Twitter works with or without columns
Updates filter has

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