Saturday, December 11, 2010

How to recover data from hard disk

Here some education about the data recovery. I would like to share to you some tips that useful with your losing information in your hard disk.

If you have been using computers for a while, you must have heard that the data that is stored in your hard disk is not necessarily safe.

Those of you who think this is not so will have to face reality and be aware that this is true. This can be attributed to the fact that hard drives are not as robust as other methods of storage such as CDs and DVDs.

Hard drives are mechanical devices and make them active are more likely to fall relative to other non-mechanical devices.

When the hard drive fails, it is possible that the data has been lost. This raises the question of how to retrieve data from your hard drive.

Another factor that may contribute to loss of data is a user who uses this computer. This can be done to erase data from hard drive failure or loss of information through the use of malicious software.

There are several ways to recover data on your hard drive. Sometimes you will find that your computer is not responding or is not behaving as it should.

At other times, it is possible that the computer was used by someone other than yourself and may have removed this particular file. If you are using Windows XP, you may be able to recover data from hard disk very easily.

All you have to do is go to the Start button and click it. Once the options appear, go to All Programs, click Accessories. The options that appear after the accessories, click System Tools.

You can see the options, such as disk defragmentation, backup, and information system, etc. Click on the button, which is called System Restore.

On the pop up window that appears, click on restore my computer to an earlier time then click next.

After clicking next, the window that appears is a calendar that you can choose a date to restore your computer. Be sure to select a right around the date you last saw the file.

Once confirmed, you will be able to restore the computer at this time.

The file will be in office when the computer finishes rebooting. That's how you retrieve data from disk.
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