Monday, December 6, 2010

Online school gives student soldiers

The online Western Governors University has developed a new form of financial assistance to help soldiers seeking higher education degrees. Scholarships totaling $ 1,500 are available through UAA reservists and National Guard members activated. The school offers two undergraduate and graduate degrees in areas such as information, education, health and business. The convenience of an online school can actually allow military personnel on active duty to work toward a degree because the job can be completed anytime and anywhere where Internet access is available.

Tuition for most programs UAA falls below $ 5,800 per year. National Guard reservist and scholarship recipients can earn $ 300 on average per year each for up to five terms. Although the stock market is very competitive, multiple winners will be selected to receive scholarships based on academic training, competence and willingness to initiate a program of online education. Members of the Reserve and National Guard are eligible for financial assistance.

WGU students should be able to submit documents verifying their "status as a current member of the Reserve or National Guard" from an Education Office to apply for a scholarship. They must also obtain a recommendation that militate against the value of their military contributions.

School online education can make possible for soldiers who can not attend a classic in the field because of his military status, or other commitments relating to employment or family. Online courses can be completed from anywhere with Internet access and a flexible schedule. Taking courses online has become a popular choice for military personnel looking for opportunities to advance their careers at the end of their service.
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