Friday, January 21, 2011

The Problem With The Header Image

I was here, creating templates for me when I found a very annoying bug.

Normally, when you load an image from your computer to the head of the blog, and Blogger retains the image to its original size. Today is reduced automatically - leaving the horrible design.

I did tests on several templates and noticed that the problem was common to all. Hence, I look at the official forum and found that the bug is affecting multiple users.


You see, in the image below as a header that was used in a test blog: av-head

Notice that the letter is dull (click to enlarge), because the image that originally has 978 px width, was reduced to 400 px.

Since I reported the problem to the Blogger team. Until resolved, to upload the image to Picasa. There in Picasa, click on the image and then click "Full Screen". With the right mouse button, click "Copy Image Location"


Go back to the configuration header and paste the address in the location indicated below:


If the image does not load, put a period at the end of the address. It's weird, but it works lol. Things to Blogger;)

* How to host pictures on Picasa
* Image for Blogger Header with Photoshop

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