Friday, January 21, 2011

How to get more subscribers to feeds

Currently I have seen many blogs that use questionable tactics to attract more subscribers to RSS / feeds and even followers on Twitter. I think an RSS subscription should be, above all, and based on legitimate interest in the content.

From what I advance in significant numbers accountant, if people are not reading my posts? Gifts, pop-ups and the like can fatten up to the counter and the ego of the blogger, but in practice may not represent anything.

Just as indexing sites - as the late Technorati and Technorati - have lost credibility when users started using unfair techniques to improve placement in the rankings, soon to measure feed
subscribers will no longer Ășltil to gauge the popularity of a blog.

The same problem recurs on Twitter, using scripts and gifts in exchange for more followers. Such behavior - when analyzed by someone who really understands social media - can testify against the reputation of the blogger himself.

I prefer to have readers and followers who appreciate my work, to interact with me to others who may have appeared only because of a lottery, for example.

On the other hand, there are some tactics "good", which can be used freely, provided that the good sense to come to the fore.


The content is still king, the flagship. If the blog content is original and interesting to the reader, arouse in it the desire to always get those posts. And if the reader does not know what is a feed?


This is where the tactics I mentioned above. Explain to your reader what is a feed and show her the advantages of using this tool. This can be done through gadgets and / or by using "pages" on Blogger.

Gadgets that bring better returns are:

** click on the links to access their posts

followers - is intuitive and simple to use, even for beginners
Email Subscriptions - this is a gadget provided by FeedBurner, super simple to install and comes up with the button to subscribe to the feed
Message in the posts - those messages may remain in the top or bottom of the posts, inviting the visitor to assisnatura feed.
Custom widgets - these widgets, we can put an icon that identifies what is there that is the feed address and insert the codes still with accountant and FeedBurner to subscribe by email. It is very practical.

Another interesting gadget, is one that shows the number of subscribers to feeds and Twitter followers - Widget - feeds, followers, posts and comments.

Using the "pages", we can create a post explaining what is a feed, forms of sign posts and their advantages. See an example here in the DB - Feeds - get posts automatically! But remember that you may not copy any post from Blogger Tips. Use your creativity.


Can not be considered a bad tactic, but it is uncomfortable. I personally will never return to those blogs with lots of pop-ups, begging my signature. If still you want to use a pop-up access:

* Pop-Up Subscribe to feed via email at Blogger (How to make web)
* Adding a Pop-Up Menu to Blog (Bloggers on the Web)
* Floating Box Feed Subscribe via Email (World Blogger)

Subscription options

Another important detail is to offer options to the visitor. Provide full feeds, partial and email and leave the choice to the reader.

1. Go to full or partial feed?
2. How to use and configure FeedBurner

Basically, he said. Regarding the database, now I use the gadget lovers, a message on the bottom of posts for statistics and a page of explanation.

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